December 30, 2015

BYE 2015

Only a few hours to go before 2016! I am using this time to look back at the things that happened for the past twelve months of 2015 through this blog's year-ender (BYE) post.


This year's travels include going to Legazpi City (STI National Youth Convention Legazpi Leg), Taal, Ozamiz City (6th ICT Youth Convention, General Santos City (STI App and Running judging, Zamboanga (UZ Android Training), and Laguna (Biñan for a talk at UPHSL and Sta. Rosa for a talk at SEIPI-ASITEP).

I was also able to go outside the country this year. I went to US to attend the GDG Global Organizer Summit in Mountain View, Google I/O 2015, and visit my aunt in Texas and Celine's aunts in LA. Celine and I went to Canada (with a quick layover in Japan) in October. I went back to US to attend the first Android Dev Summit afterwards.

Talks and Workshops

This year, I attended GDG Organizer Global Summit 2015 (May 26-27), Google I/O 2015 (May 28-29), Google Developers Summit Manila (August 14), and Android Dev Summit 2015.

I did a lot of talks this year on topics including Android (Basics and #io15 updates), Android Wear, Publishing on Google Play, and Google Developer Tools and Technologies. I have published most of the slides I used in my SpeakerDeck account.

I conducted Android workshops this year: 6 during Google I/O Extended Roadshow (Pampanga/Manila/Batangas/Albay/Camarines Sur/Cavite), 2 Android Marshmallow Workshops, one in University of Zamboanga, and one at the 6th ICT Youth Convention (Ozamiz City)

I also facilitated GDG Philippines' seven-week Android Fundamentals Study Jams during the months of February and March.

Apps and Projects

Aside from updates to my Android apps and other projects, I have also spent some time this year developing new apps. Celine and I joined Accenture Technology Talks & Hackathon 2015. Our Help Me app won second place in the competition. While studying about the Android Wear Watch Face API, I developed the GDG Watch Face. I also had the chance to demo it during the GDG Global Organizer Summit.

Right now, I am also working on the iOS app for Sweldong Pinoy, as well as another related project.


I was only able to run 3 times this year: 16k run at 20-Miler Run 2015, 10k run at Condura Skyway Marathon 2015, and another 16k run at 7-Eleven Run 1500. In all three runs, I received finishers' medal. I used Runtastic and my Moto360 to track the runs.

Hopefully in 2016, I'll be able to have more runs. I have already registered for Condura Skyway Marathon and 7-11 Run next year.

December 13, 2015

Android Dev Summit Extended

The inaugural Android Dev Summit was held on November 23-24 in Mountain View, California. Android Dev Summit was an event for Android developers to learn from technical sessions and network with the Android team. GDG Philippines organized an Android Dev Summit Extended last Saturday (December 12).

We started the event with an introduction of GDG Philippines and promotion of GDG HackFair Philippines. I then did a short talk about news and updates from Android Dev Summit. Then, I did a demo of Instant Run and the new Android emulator.

Afterwards, participants did the Android Dev Summit Code Labs until the afternoon. I assisted the participants in doing the hands-on activities and answered their questions.

Android Dev Summit was a gathering for developers to learn and connect with the Google engineers behind Android. There were two days of deep technical sessions from and networking with the Android engineering team. If you weren't able to join it live, you can check the videos in the Android Developers YouTube channel.

December 5, 2015

GDG Philippines HackTime

GDG Philippines is organizing the first GDG HackFair in the Philippines on December 19-20. HackFair is an interactive two-day event where thirty App/Website/IoT that were created using Google Technologies are given the opportunity to be featured.

In preparation for HackFair, we had a GDG Philippines HackTime on December 5 at Globe Corporate Showroom. Morning talks include introduction to GDG Philippines and GDG HackFair (by me) followed by Design Talk & Workshop and Google Cardboard.

In the afternoon, we had talks and workshops Arduino & Gemma Kit, Android Wear, Firebase, and Polymer. I talked about Developing for Android Wear.

December 2, 2015

GDG HackFair Philippines

Do you have projects using Google technologies or do you want to develop something awesome? Do you want the chance to showcase them? GDG Philippines is organizing the first GDG HackFair Philippines on December 19-20, 2015.

Submit your mobile, web, or IOT projects on or before December 12. This is open to everyone: professionals and students (grade school to college students). We will be selecting projects in Health, Education, Productivity, Music, Arts and Culture, and Social Impact. Selected projects will be invited for the exhibit and mini-conference. Please check details about the HackFair at or at the GDG Philippines Google+ page.

In preparation for the HackFair, we will also have GDG Philippines Hacktime on December 5. Hacktime is a whole day event where you can learn how to create a mobile app, web, IOT, robotics or a mix of the cool technologies and stuff. To register for the HackTime, fill up the form at