March 4, 2011

The month in a post

Over the past few days (and weeks), I have been very busy. After my last post, which is about my first 5k run, I wasn't even able to update this blog.

I had been more serious in running and I'm recording my runs in my DailyMile account. Brian Tan Seng is now my running mentor. He's giving me tips and techniques, aside from the training program. Now, I'm trying my best to run twice in a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm also planning to run 10k in April. Also, I started to read more about running. After being fixed by, I registered in their forum and started to read posts there.

I am also rebooting the project I started last year, CvSEA. It is my proposed student election app for Cavite State University Naic. I temporarily stopped development because the talks has not yet been finalized. I'm also planning to reboot another personal project and to continue studying what I had started last year.

I created an account in About.Me. It is still new and I'll be updating it in the coming days. Finally, I accomplished some of my personal goals that took me so long to do.