July 5, 2015

Trip to Zamboanga

I was at Zamboanga City from June 25 to June 28. It was my second time there. The last time was a day trip when I was a speaker in GDG DevFest Zamboanga back in 2013.

From June 25 to 27, I conducted Android app development training at Universidad de Zamboanga.

On the first training day, I talked about Java and Android Basics and how to install and setup Android Studio. For the next days, our topics included Android app development and install/setup of JDK. On Saturday night, I joined GDG Zamboanga volunteers in their planning for their series of I/O Extended roadshows, the first one of which will be the day after.

I participated in GDG Zamboanga's Google I/O 2015 Extended event on June 28. In the morning, I talked about Google I/O updates, Google Cardboard, Google Developer tools and technologies, and Basic Android App Development. After the talk (and lunch), I went back to Manila.

Me talking about Google Cardboard (Photo from the Google+ Events Page)

Below is the Google Photo Story of my trip to Zamboanga:

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