October 27, 2009

PinoyJUG Meetup (Oct. 27, 2009)

As a member of the Association of Filipino Java Developers(PinoyJUG), I had received an e-mail and a Facebook event invitation on a PinoyJUG activity on October 27, 2009 from 7 to 9 in the evening. I decided to participate in the said activity.

There were three good topics discussed. Melvin Vivas provided an overview of Google App Engine for Java and showed a demonstration of an app using Eclipse and Google App Engine. Deng Ching explained Maven and Releasing Projects using it. Finally, Franz See discussed Automated Testing in Java and testing techniques like Test-First Development, Test-Last Development, and Test-Driven Design.

That night was wonderful. I had gained more knowledge and learned new things in just a small amount of time.

The PinoyJUG meetup was held at the TechBar of G2iX on the fifth floor of Orient Square Building (at F. Ortigas Jr. formerly Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center).

October 6, 2009

Finally! A Google Wave Account

I got my Google Wave developer sandbox account, jomartigcal@wavesandbox.com on August 24, 2009. I even made a blog article about it.

On October 7, 2009, I opened my sandbox account and found an invite for the Google Wave preview which has been sent last week. I have been waiting for an invite through my mail and I did not realize they would simply send a "wave" on my account.

My Google wave account is jomartigcal@googlewave.com. As of now, I only have 1 contact and hopes to add more friends soon.

I have already tried using Google Wave using my developer sandbox account with some of the people from Google Technology Users Group Philippines.The persons who I had time to try out Wave with are Aileen Apolo, Marc Lester Tan, Roger Filomeno, Alvin Gamboa, Nikki Ramirez, and Randell Benavidez. Randell posted it in his Dev Blog.

However, the real Google Wave is very much different from the Wave I had experienced trying out with my developer sandbox account. I am hoping to see more of Google Wave and try out if I can make a Wave gadget or robot in the near future. I am keeping my fingers crossed...