April 20, 2021

Virtual Vancouver Sun Run 2021

It's been two years since the last time I ran. I wasn't able to join a virtual run last year and my last run was at Vancouver Sun Run 2019. This year, I planned to try virtual runs. My first virtual run is the Vancouver Sun Run 2021.

Image from vancouversunrun.com

Vancouver Sun Run is Canada’s largest 10K race. They have a virtual race from April 18-30 for this year. I decided to do mine on the first day while the weather is good. It was a very sunny and hot day. I finished my 10k run in 1:10:27.

The virtual run feels like the usual run I do. I kind of miss the start/finish line, running on the open road, the pre-race stuff, and the post-race celebrations. Hopefully, running events will be back to normal next year.

March 14, 2021

Kotlin Heroes 6

After joining Kotlin Heroes 4 and Kotlin Heroes 5: ICPC Round in 2020, I decided to register again for this year's Kotlin Heroes 6 on March 9. Kotlin Heroes is a programming competition from JetBrains (creator of Kotlin) and CodeForces. The challenge is to use Kotlin in solving as many problems in two and a half hours.

My goal, like in the previos Kotlin Heroes, is the solve at least 2 problems. I only managed to successfully solve one of the 10 problems this time. In the second problem, my solution was failing in some test cases and my solution to the third problem was almost done but time ran out for me.

March 4, 2021

Co-Authored Book: How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin

The book I have co-authored, How to Build Android Apps with Kotlin, has finally beeen published last month. I have been writing blogs and tech articles for a while now but this is the first time for me to write a book. We have worked on this for months and it's feels great that it's now out for everyone to read and learn from.

With the book, you can build your knowledge, skills, and confidence by working on realistic examples, practical exercises, and challenging activities. If you want to learn Android app development with Kotlin, you can check out our book which is available on Packt and on Amazon.

I wrote a little more about my experience writing for the book here.