January 27, 2011

Presenting in the GTUGPH meetup

Last January 26, the Google Technology Users Group Philippines (GTUGPH) had its first meetup for the year at the Orange and Bronze office. It was a show-and-tell meetup where group members demo and present their apps built using Google Technologies.

During the meetup, I presented the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension, a Google Chrome extension for users who want to be updated about the latest in the group. Users can view the latest posts in the group blog, the calendar of group events, updates from the group Twitter account, and useful links. It was my first time to present something and I was a little bit shy.

Aside from me, the following are the persons who presented their apps in the meetup:

  • Mike Mallete: whatzo.com, a social recommendations site
  • Brian Tan Seng: Open Map Charts
  • Tom de Leon and Mike Ng: 7-Elections
  • Butch Landingin: Orange and Bronze Maps Demo
  • Edge Dalmacio and Lorenzo Dee: Haybol.ph, a Google Maps & Philippine real estate mashup that runs on Google App Engine.

It was the first show-and-tell meetup of the group and there might be more of this kind soon. For details, you can check out the blog of GTUG Philippines.

January 14, 2011

GTUGPH January 2011 meetup

The Google Technology Users Group Philippines will have its first meetup on January 26, 2011 (6:00 PM) at the Orange and Bronze Software Labs office. It will be a show-and-tell of apps developed using Google Technologies.

Those who want to attend should sign-up here.

January 7, 2011

First Chrome Extension

I just published my first Google Chrome Extension: the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. The extension is now available at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pbpopomlbomjpbmpfigaogeodiemmjbm or you can search for it in the Chrome Webstore.

Using this extension, you can view the latest posts in the group blog, the calendar of group events and useful GTUG Philippines links. As of now, the extension is just an initial version and I have a lot of plans on improving it. I am also very much open for comments and suggestions. After publishing my first Chrome Extension, I am thinking of doing more.

Update 1(January 14, 2011):
I just updated the Chrome Extension (now at version 1.1). There were only a few changes, mostly on the design. I am currently working on adding Twitter and Mailing List feeds, and will add other features soon.

Update 2(January 26, 2011):
I had uploaded the new version (1.2) of the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. It now has the Twitter feeds and there were some minor changes.

Update 3(February 12, 2011):
The Chrome Extension is now at version 1.3. I added avatars in the Twitter widget, moved images in a separate directory and added LinkedIn Group URL.

Update 4(April 14, 2011):
I continued the development of the Chrome Extension. I added the mailing list feeds and a few other changes. the latest version is now 1.4.