September 13, 2009

PRESS release

As an associate editor of our campus publication and a senior BS Computer Science student last school year, I promised the staff members of our student publication that I will make a simple software application for them after my graduation. I decided to develop a simple one that will aid them in adding, searching and updating records of SPF payments.

As a software developer engaged in the Java language, I made the program using J2SE (Java Standard Edition) and the javax.swing package. For its database, I chose MySQL 5.0. I gave the project a code PRESS (Payment Records System for SPF).

I coordinated with Abigail Ribleza, the managing editor then of the publication to finalize the specifications of the program. The actual designing and coding started May 1, 2009. If I have ample time at home and I don't feel too tired and stressed out, I spend my time coding and planning for PRESS. After a long time, I finished the program and started testing it.

The developed application had not only fulfilled the approved specifications, I had also added in it some of my future recommendations and included some new features. It will be installed in the computer of the student publication soon. I will personally install the application and the database and train some would-be users on its proper use and maintenance.

September 3, 2009

Ready to Plurk

After having my personal blog, I started to try out microblogging. I have already heard microblogging before, especially Twitter. So, i signed up for an account in Twitter and started to tweet.

However, most of the persons I know also use Plurk or use it instead of Twitter. What is it and why do most prefer plurking over tweeting? My curiosity led me to check it out. It has a very nice user interface plus the timeline thing is so cool. The plurks are also threaded conversations and you can even add emoticons. It took me a while before creating an account there. I regret that I did not sign-up early. I realized I should have done it before. Now, I have just registered the username jomartigcal.