December 29, 2011

Top 11 for 2011

Just as I had done in the past two years, I am making a year-ender blog post for this year. This time, however, I am doing something different. Instead of listing (almost) everything, I have decided to write down my top eleven.

  1. One of my wishes in life finally came true.
  2. I have developed my first (published) Android app, the GTUG Philippines Android App. GTUGers can use the Android app to get updates in the blog and mailing list. It also contains links to the various GTUGPH accounts and sites.
  3. I have created my first Chrome extension, the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. Using this extension, users can view the latest posts in the group blog, the calendar of group events, Twitter feeds and links to the group's web presence.
  4. I had finally experienced giving a talk to an audience. Last July 20, in the GTUG Philippines' HTML5 and Google Chrome Extensions meetup, I presented and gave a talk entitled "Introduction to Google Chrome Extensions Development." The slides and video are available here.
  5. I bought my first Android smartphone. Last June, I bought a Google Nexus S smartphone. I wanted an Android phone because I've been becoming to be more serious in Android development. Also, my old Nokia phone is starting to give up on me.
  6. I had purchased the domain name. I bought from GoDaddy in June and setup Google apps on it. I had also made subdomains, like the one for this blog.
  7. I had already applied and received my passport. Last August, I went at the DFA Office of Consular Affairs to apply for my passport. The month after, it was delivered at the O&B office.
  8. I have subscribed to a Globe postpaid plan. Before buying an Android phone, I decided to apply for a postpaid plan from Globe. It was a pretty fast process and I already got my SIM card and free phone on the day of the application itself. I gave the phone to my sister because I planned to buy a smartphone for myself.
  9. I have finished my first 3k, 5k, 10k and 16k runs. From February to July, I have been consistent in running at least once a week. I have missed running from August to September but I started running/jogging again on October. I have joined four running events this year and the summary of my runs is here. I am looking forward to my next runs on the coming days.
  10. This year, I had attended and joined a lot of non-work-related activities. This includes the following:
    • had an outing with officemates in Puerto Galera (March 26-28)
    • went to the Air Supply concert (May 12)
    • participated in our company outing at Kabayan Resort, Laiya, Batangas (May 14-15)
    • toured Fort Santiago (May 27)
    • watched Azkals vs. Sri Lanka Game (July 3)
    • watched Romeo and Juliet Play (July 8)
    • toured Manila Zoo (August 7)
    • watched The Little Shop of Horrors play (August 27)
  11. I have made some improvements in my daily routine. For a healthier lifestyle, I had stopped drinking softdrinks since March (except when it's mixed with alcoholic beverages) and tried my best to eat breakfast daily. I have started reading bible verses (almost) daily and attending mass at least once a month.

December 17, 2011

Back to Blogging

As I browse this blog, I have noticed and realized that my last post was made on September 17. It has been three months since I last updated this blog. I have been too busy at work and some personal projects. And now, I wanted to be more active again in blogging. For now, I have updated the social buttons, projects links, and my two pages. I will continue to post in the coming days.

September 16, 2011

First Android Apps

I got back to studying Android development last month. This time, I became more serious in it and have made two apps. My first app is a simple personal-use app. It's already done and I have been using it. However, I don't believe it is that worthy to be published in the Android Market. The other one is the GTUG Philippines Android app. It is now available in the Android Market. You can also scan the QR code below to install it:

It is a simple app to those who wants to have updates about the group. Using the app, users can get the latest blog posts and messages in the mailing list. It also contains links to the groups' online presence. It is just in its initial version. Feel free to download the app and give comments and suggestions.

September 10, 2011

August 2011: One of the best months

It has been a long time since the last time I posted something in this blog. I have been too busy with work and personal matters. It's already September but I still want to post about last month, which is one of the best months in my life.
A lot of things happened last August. We visited Manila Zoo (August 7) for a volunteer meeting. Our reunion with my former boardmates who I haven't seen in months finally became a reality (August 19). I had also watched Smurfs movie (August 16) with present and former officemates. I also watched a play(Little Shop of Horrors) at Ateneo with Celine and her high school friends.
Last August 8, I finally got my Red Cross ID card after almost two months of waiting (they were waiting for me to pick it up). I also went to DFA to apply for my passport. It was my first time and the process was quite good. Starting last month, I also became more active in studying Android. I made a simple personal-use app and I am currently in the process of finalizing something. By next week, I will hopefully receive my passport. And last but definitely not the least, one of my wishes in life came true.

July 29, 2011

RunFest 2011

After successfully finishing my 10k run last April, I registered in's RunFest 2011 last July 24. Run Fest 2011 is's third anniversary run. There were three categories: 5k, 10k and 16k. I challenged myself and chose to have my first 16k run.
RunFest 2011 was my first running event at Bonfacio Global City. It was also the first time for me to use a race tag. Before the run, I tried my best to run and train. But due to the bad weather in the past weeks, I only had a few runs. I feel nervous.
I enjoyed the run; it was a great experience for me. There were enough hydration (even a choice of sports drink or water). The volunteer marshals were so energetic; some even greet you by name (The race bibs were personalized so they can see your name, if you put in a real nickname). The route, with some uphill climb, was challenging too. Due to some irrepairable technical problems on the side of the run's timing partner, the official results of the run won't be released. However, I was able to measure my time using the clock at the finish line and on the tracking app on my phone. It was less than one hour and fourty six minutes. Below is my 16k Finisher's medal:

After this run, I am thinking of having one or two more runs before the year ends.

July 22, 2011

First Talk: Chrome Extensions

Last July 20, Google Technology User Groups Philippines (GTUGPH) held its meetup at the CodeFlux office (RCI Building, 105 Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City). The first topic was HTML 5 which was presented by Brian Tan Seng and his teammates from 98 Labs, Inc. I was the second speaker and I presented Introduction to Google Chrome Extensions Development. Paolo Melendres also talk about KKB, an Android app from CodeFlux.
I talked about Google Chrome Extensions and also demonstrated the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. Now at Version 1.5, the extension gives users updates in the group blog, mailing list, calendar of activities, as well as links and the latest tweets.
Below is the presentation I used during my talk:

You can also view the slides here. The event was also streamed live using UStream. here is a recorded video of my talk (I still haven't watched it yet).

I met fellow members of the group, friends, and former officemates. It was also my first time to give a talk so I was a little bit nervous. My talk and the event turned out to be a success. I also received a lot of positive, inspirational and motivational comments about me and the talk. I would like to thank my officemates for the support, especially Celine for giving me encouragement and inspiration. I am hoping I can have more talks in the future.
To view more details about the meetup, visit the official blog of GTUGPH.

July 9, 2011

Last June 29, I bought the domain name Until today, it redirects to my page. I still haven't done most things with my new domain name because I have been busy with work the past days. Just now, I had created a subdomain,, which redirects to this blog. Some of my plans include adding more subdomains and registering the domain Google Apps.

June 28, 2011

June 2011 in a blogpost

If I had been busy last month, I have been more busy this June. I had been assigned in a new team/project and has been deployed in the client. I also registered in the 16k run of's RunFest 2011 on July 24. I also bought a new Android phone last June 11. Hopefully, this will pressure me to develop apps using Android. My new Globe postpaid SIM has also been activated this June. A lot of other things also happened this month...

June 27, 2011

May 2017 in a post

Another month has passed by and I haven't made a single update on this blog, not even an anniversary post. I have been too busy on various things so I am making this post summarizing what happened this May 2011.
I co-organized and attended Google I/O Extended Manila last May 10 at UP Department of Computer Science. I was also part of GTUG Philippines' first mapping party last May 21 at Redfox Innovative Technologies Center, 26 Dona Hemady Ave., Barangay Marianas, New Manila, Quezon City. It was for the benefit of the Philippine Red Cross and the community, in general. Other events this month includes watching Air Supply concert at Aliw Theatre (May 12), joining O&B's company outing at Liaya, Batangas (May 14-15), and attending the meetup of Groovy/Grails Users Group at the O&B office (May 18).
On the second week of the month, I also started some personal goals: read a bible verse a day (I managed to do this except on May 29), stop drinking softdrinks (successful so far), and go to church to attend mass once a month. (I went to church twice this May.) Last May 25, I went to the Manila Chapter office of the Philippine Red Cross to apply for Platinum membership.
June will also be a busy month for me. I'll be registering for's RunFest 2011 on July 24. I need to practice and train on this starting this month.

April 28, 2011

GTUGPH May 21 Mapping Party

Cross posted from the blog of GTUG Philippines.

To help out the Philippine Red Cross and the community, in general; GTUG Philippines will be sponsoring a mapping party. It will be held on May 21, 2011 (1:00 to 5:00 PM) at Redfox Innovative Technologies Center, 26 Dona Hemady Ave., Barangay Marianas, New Manila, Quezon City (right across Jubbilee Christian Academy) [Map]

The venue will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 35 attendees. Sign-up now here. We will notify via e-mail to confirm if you will be part of the participants. If you will not be selected, don't fret, you can still help in the efforts by going to

For more information, visit the project site here.

April 11, 2011 NightFest 2011

Last April 9, 2011, I participated in NightFest 2011. It was a night run at Filinvest, Alabang sponsored by, Skechers Resistance Runner and Magnolia Purewater. There were 2 categories, 5k and 10k (two loops of 5k) and was said to be limited to 2, 000 runners. I challenged myself and registered in the 10k run.
After registering for the run, I tried my best to run every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare for my first 10k run. On the run date, I almost had a hard time going to the assembly area because I am not that familiar with the venue. The route was also new to me so I just followed the runners who are ahead of me and the marshals who are friendly and cheerful. There were some uphill/downhill and I am not that prepared for it. There were enough hydration along the route. What I just observed is that there were no trash cans near the Magnolia Pure Water hydration station, unlike in the Pocari Sweat station, so some runners are just throwing the plastic cups anywhere.
At the finish line, they were giving finisher's certificate. There were also a lot of freebies from the sponsors. Because I was one of the early registrants, I was also able to get a free Skechers SRR T-Shirt. According to the official results, I finished the run in 62 minutes and 48 seconds. I was 174th out of the 498 participants in the 10k category. Since the 10k was two loops of the 5k route, I checked my time after the first loop. I was able to beat my previous 5k record of 39:50 with 30:54.
Over all, it was a nice running event and I enjoyed it. I'll continue running and try to maintain or beat my record. Now, I'm thinking of challenging myself to a 16k run this July.

April 2, 2011


Early last year, I started some running/jogging but I wasn't able to make it a habit. Maybe because, we used to run early in the morning and I am not yet that serious in running. That time, we run/jog in Legaspi Active Park in Legaspi Village, Makati. We planned to join a run but that did not happen due to a lot of circumstances.

I started running on Cavite State University Naic's Unang Takbo para sa Ginintuang Anibersaryo (First Run for the Golden Anniversary). It was a 5k run to kick off the 50th anniversary of the school. To prepare for the event, I started reading about running and watching some videos. I also asked a friend, Brian, to give me tips and techniques. He is now my running mentor/buddy. It took me 39 minutes and 50 seconds to finish running the 5 kilometer distance. This started my "running career." After the run, I became serious in running. I wanted to continue running and join other running events. I even dreamt of running a full marathon someday.

I'm recording my runs in my DailyMile account. I also registered for an account in the forum and started to read forum posts there. I have been trying to make running at least twice a week (preferably Tuesday and Thursday) a habit.

I have also registered in NightFest 2011. It will be on April 9, 2011. This will be my first 10k run, first night run, and first time to run in Filinvest Alabang. If it goes well, I'll be challenging myself (again) on a 16k run by July.

March 4, 2011

The month in a post

Over the past few days (and weeks), I have been very busy. After my last post, which is about my first 5k run, I wasn't even able to update this blog.

I had been more serious in running and I'm recording my runs in my DailyMile account. Brian Tan Seng is now my running mentor. He's giving me tips and techniques, aside from the training program. Now, I'm trying my best to run twice in a week, every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm also planning to run 10k in April. Also, I started to read more about running. After being fixed by, I registered in their forum and started to read posts there.

I am also rebooting the project I started last year, CvSEA. It is my proposed student election app for Cavite State University Naic. I temporarily stopped development because the talks has not yet been finalized. I'm also planning to reboot another personal project and to continue studying what I had started last year.

I created an account in About.Me. It is still new and I'll be updating it in the coming days. Finally, I accomplished some of my personal goals that took me so long to do.

February 12, 2011

First Run

I'm not really into running, although I had spent some serious time jogging since last year. I also wanted to participate in a run but didn't have the time back then. Even the supposedly early morning jogging has been almost forgotten. Not until I learn about the run sponsored by Cavite State University Naic Campus on its 50th anniversary.

Dubbed as "Unang Takbo para sa Ginintuang Anibersaryo" (First Run for the Golden Anniversary), it is a 5 kilometer fun run which will start at the Naic Petron Service Center and end at the campus. The fun run will be on Monday, February 14. (I don't know why they scheduled this on a Monday. I had to file a leave just to join.)

This will be the first time for me to join a run. At first, I'm not really serious about it. I just wanted to be there to try running. However, as the date for the run nears, I began to be more serious not only on the run itself but on running in general. I even asked Brian Tan Seng for tips and suggestions. I'm now reading about running and planning to join more (and longer) runs soon. I also created an account in DailyMile and soon in other running-related sites, as well.

I planned to do some practice runs before the event but I only had two, last February 5 and today. I was able to run 5k in 45 minutes. I'm hoping I can beat that on Monday. I'll update this or create a new post about the results of the run.

Update (February 15, 2010)

I had finished the 5k run in 39 minutes and 50 seconds. I"ll be uploading some pictures once I get them.

Update (February 18, 2010)

Before the run, I was a little bit excited and nervous. But my goal was just to finish the run. I did not care about the people who overran me. It feels great to finish the run. More than 300 particiants joined and I think I'm in the upper 10-25%. However, I am not that satisfied with the results. There were some times when I was just walking. I should run at a more sustainable pace. Also, I felt dehydrated even before I reached the middle of the route. I need to focus on this on my next runs.

The 5k run is a great start for me. It made me more serious in running. I plan to continue running and joining more runs soon. Now, I'm also starting to dream of running a full marathon someday.

January 27, 2011

Presenting in the GTUGPH meetup

Last January 26, the Google Technology Users Group Philippines (GTUGPH) had its first meetup for the year at the Orange and Bronze office. It was a show-and-tell meetup where group members demo and present their apps built using Google Technologies.

During the meetup, I presented the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension, a Google Chrome extension for users who want to be updated about the latest in the group. Users can view the latest posts in the group blog, the calendar of group events, updates from the group Twitter account, and useful links. It was my first time to present something and I was a little bit shy.

Aside from me, the following are the persons who presented their apps in the meetup:

  • Mike Mallete:, a social recommendations site
  • Brian Tan Seng: Open Map Charts
  • Tom de Leon and Mike Ng: 7-Elections
  • Butch Landingin: Orange and Bronze Maps Demo
  • Edge Dalmacio and Lorenzo Dee:, a Google Maps & Philippine real estate mashup that runs on Google App Engine.

It was the first show-and-tell meetup of the group and there might be more of this kind soon. For details, you can check out the blog of GTUG Philippines.

January 14, 2011

GTUGPH January 2011 meetup

The Google Technology Users Group Philippines will have its first meetup on January 26, 2011 (6:00 PM) at the Orange and Bronze Software Labs office. It will be a show-and-tell of apps developed using Google Technologies.

Those who want to attend should sign-up here.

January 7, 2011

First Chrome Extension

I just published my first Google Chrome Extension: the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. The extension is now available at or you can search for it in the Chrome Webstore.

Using this extension, you can view the latest posts in the group blog, the calendar of group events and useful GTUG Philippines links. As of now, the extension is just an initial version and I have a lot of plans on improving it. I am also very much open for comments and suggestions. After publishing my first Chrome Extension, I am thinking of doing more.

Update 1(January 14, 2011):
I just updated the Chrome Extension (now at version 1.1). There were only a few changes, mostly on the design. I am currently working on adding Twitter and Mailing List feeds, and will add other features soon.

Update 2(January 26, 2011):
I had uploaded the new version (1.2) of the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. It now has the Twitter feeds and there were some minor changes.

Update 3(February 12, 2011):
The Chrome Extension is now at version 1.3. I added avatars in the Twitter widget, moved images in a separate directory and added LinkedIn Group URL.

Update 4(April 14, 2011):
I continued the development of the Chrome Extension. I added the mailing list feeds and a few other changes. the latest version is now 1.4.