December 13, 2015

Android Dev Summit Extended

The inaugural Android Dev Summit was held on November 23-24 in Mountain View, California. Android Dev Summit was an event for Android developers to learn from technical sessions and network with the Android team. GDG Philippines organized an Android Dev Summit Extended last Saturday (December 12).

We started the event with an introduction of GDG Philippines and promotion of GDG HackFair Philippines. I then did a short talk about news and updates from Android Dev Summit. Then, I did a demo of Instant Run and the new Android emulator.

Afterwards, participants did the Android Dev Summit Code Labs until the afternoon. I assisted the participants in doing the hands-on activities and answered their questions.

Android Dev Summit was a gathering for developers to learn and connect with the Google engineers behind Android. There were two days of deep technical sessions from and networking with the Android engineering team. If you weren't able to join it live, you can check the videos in the Android Developers YouTube channel.

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