June 27, 2020

Android 11 Meetup with GDG Philippines

Google launched the Android 11 Beta with pages, videos, and other resources on June 10. They also announced the 11 Weeks of Android. Each week focuses on a specific topic and they will release more content relevant to it. Global developer communities will also host Android 11 Meetups to help developers learn and prepare for the new Android version.

GDG Philippines has invited me to be their speaker for their Android 11 meetup. I've done Android talks and workshops with them before. However, this time it is going be online, which will be the first time for me. I prepared a presentation about Android 11 and other relevant updates for Android developers.

The event was streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. I was a bit nervous because it has been years since the last time I gave a talk but it has been a great experience for me. It feels good to help out GDG Philippines and the Android developer community.

You can check the slides on Speakerdeck. If you need more information about Android 11, you can check out https://developer.android.com/preview.

June 2, 2020

Kotlin Heroes 4

Kotlin Heroes is a programming competition from JetBrains (creator of Kotlin) and CodeForces. The challenge is to use Kotlin in solving as many problems in two and a half hours.

Kotlin Heroes: Episode 4 was on May 29. I have seen the past editions before but I did not participate yet. This time though, I decided to register just to try it and to learn more. There's a prize for the Top 3 ($512, $256, and $128) and T-shirts for the Top 50 participants. I know it's hard for me to win. My goal is to finish half of the problems. I have done the 5 problems of Practice 4 but it took me a lot of hours to solve them. Also, the ones in the Practice Rounds are easier. 

On the day itself, I woke up earlier than usual and prepared the laptop and pieces of paper. I was only able to successfully solve 2 of the 9 problems. My solution to the third problem was not yet good and I ran out of time. It was still a good experience for me. Hopefully, I can do more next time.