September 16, 2011

First Android Apps

I got back to studying Android development last month. This time, I became more serious in it and have made two apps. My first app is a simple personal-use app. It's already done and I have been using it. However, I don't believe it is that worthy to be published in the Android Market. The other one is the GTUG Philippines Android app. It is now available in the Android Market. You can also scan the QR code below to install it:

It is a simple app to those who wants to have updates about the group. Using the app, users can get the latest blog posts and messages in the mailing list. It also contains links to the groups' online presence. It is just in its initial version. Feel free to download the app and give comments and suggestions.

September 10, 2011

August 2011: One of the best months

It has been a long time since the last time I posted something in this blog. I have been too busy with work and personal matters. It's already September but I still want to post about last month, which is one of the best months in my life.
A lot of things happened last August. We visited Manila Zoo (August 7) for a volunteer meeting. Our reunion with my former boardmates who I haven't seen in months finally became a reality (August 19). I had also watched Smurfs movie (August 16) with present and former officemates. I also watched a play(Little Shop of Horrors) at Ateneo with Celine and her high school friends.
Last August 8, I finally got my Red Cross ID card after almost two months of waiting (they were waiting for me to pick it up). I also went to DFA to apply for my passport. It was my first time and the process was quite good. Starting last month, I also became more active in studying Android. I made a simple personal-use app and I am currently in the process of finalizing something. By next week, I will hopefully receive my passport. And last but definitely not the least, one of my wishes in life came true.