March 16, 2015

7-Eleven Run 1500

After a 16 k run in 20-Miler Run 2015 and a 10k run in Condura Skyway Marathon 2015, I ran 16k in 7-Eleven Run 1500 on March 15, 2015.

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7-Eleven Run 1500 was organized by 7-Eleven in anticipation of the opening of its 1500th store in the Philippines. Held in Filinvest City and Skyway, the run includes 500m, 3k, 5k, 10k, 16k, 21k, and 42k categories.

The route was good. There were a lot of sports drink in the hydration station compared to other running events unfortunately, in the last kilometers before the finish line, there were only a few stations and some of them already ran out of water or drinks. There were also no free bananas for runners.

Aside from the loot bag (which just contain the finisher shirt and a biscuit), there were a lot of freebies from sponsors. Del Monte even has free towel and back massage for 16k finishers. Most of these booths are okay except for the finisher kit claiming which was very disorganized. There were only 1 booth for all the finishers and there was no system at all. Everybody will be queueing for this and the organizers should have known that. I don't understand why this happened. Also, I am not sure if ther finisher shirts are supposed to have sizes or they are one-size-fits-all; fortunately, mine fits well.

According to Runtastic, I ran 15.95 km in 1:58:10.

(My 16k run at 7-Eleven Run 1500)

I was already able to have three runs in just three months! I just need one more to achieve my goal of 4 runs this year.

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