February 3, 2015

Trip to Ozamiz City

I was again invited by La Salle University-Ozamiz to be a part of the 6th ICT Youth Convention on January 28-30, 2015.

I arrived in Ozamiz in the morning of January 28. We went to Royal Garden Hotel and had breakfast in The Coffee Lounge while waiting for the rooms to be ready. I went to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, which is just a few steps away from the hotel, for prayers before going to LSU. The cathedral has the largest pipe organ in the country and is the biggest in Mindanao. In LSU, I checked the machines and started the download of the latest version of Android Studio for the afternoon workshop. We went back to the hotel to have lunch at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie. I ordered Chicken Pandan.

After lunch, we went to LSU. Android Studio has been installed but the download of other components is taking too long so we just used ADT Bundles which were already installed there last year. There were around 30 participants in the Android workshop. I did a talk first about Android apps development. We were already starting with the hands-on when the power went out. It lasted for more than 30 minutes. I talked and demonstrated Google Cardboard, Android Wear (Moto 360), and Chromecast during the blackout. Most of the participants were able to finish the activity.

The next day, I woke up early and we had breakfast at The Coffee Lounge in the hotel. After breakfast, we went to LSU. I was the second speaker for the morning. My talk was "Android: Beyond Phones and Tablets." I discussed Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto. I also told them about other innovations like Google Cardboard, Chromecast, and Project Ara.

The slides I used in my talk

We went to Chicken Ati-atihan for lunch. After eating, Sir Harold and other teachers toured me to Fuerte de la Concepcion Y del Triunfo (Cotta). It was an old Spanish fort built to protect the region. We checked the Cotta Museum, Cotta Shrine, and climbed the lighthouse.

Miniature of the Fuerte de la Concepcion Y del Triunfo
We also went to Clarin, Misamis Occidental to try the different flavors of suman in House of Suman and Pasalubong Center. There were a total of 13 flavors. Only 7 flavors were available that day and we were able to try six.

Some of the suman we tried
We went back to LSU campus. After the other speakers finish their talks and workshops, we went to Tangub City to go to Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park. Unfortunately, it is already too dark when we arrived there. We checked out the Highland Chapel Hotel in the compound before going back to Ozamiz. We went to Dahon Boodle and Grill for the Social Nights but we had dinner at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie in Royal Garden Hotel.

Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park

Sweet Chili Chicken for dinner at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie

The morning after, I was picked up by Miss Leslyn and Miss Jabie of LSU. We had breakfast at Jollibee before going to the Ozamiz Airport. It was great to visit Ozamiz again. Hopefully, Celine and I can go back there soon to explore the city more.

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