January 7, 2011

First Chrome Extension

I just published my first Google Chrome Extension: the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. The extension is now available at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pbpopomlbomjpbmpfigaogeodiemmjbm or you can search for it in the Chrome Webstore.

Using this extension, you can view the latest posts in the group blog, the calendar of group events and useful GTUG Philippines links. As of now, the extension is just an initial version and I have a lot of plans on improving it. I am also very much open for comments and suggestions. After publishing my first Chrome Extension, I am thinking of doing more.

Update 1(January 14, 2011):
I just updated the Chrome Extension (now at version 1.1). There were only a few changes, mostly on the design. I am currently working on adding Twitter and Mailing List feeds, and will add other features soon.

Update 2(January 26, 2011):
I had uploaded the new version (1.2) of the GTUG Philippines Chrome Extension. It now has the Twitter feeds and there were some minor changes.

Update 3(February 12, 2011):
The Chrome Extension is now at version 1.3. I added avatars in the Twitter widget, moved images in a separate directory and added LinkedIn Group URL.

Update 4(April 14, 2011):
I continued the development of the Chrome Extension. I added the mailing list feeds and a few other changes. the latest version is now 1.4.


  1. Hello Jose! If you click the Extension Support link in the download link, you would find that the project is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/gtugph-chrome-extension. I should have mentioned it in the post too.