July 29, 2011

RunFest 2011

After successfully finishing my 10k run last April, I registered in Takbpo.ph's RunFest 2011 last July 24. Run Fest 2011 is Takbo.ph's third anniversary run. There were three categories: 5k, 10k and 16k. I challenged myself and chose to have my first 16k run.
RunFest 2011 was my first running event at Bonfacio Global City. It was also the first time for me to use a race tag. Before the run, I tried my best to run and train. But due to the bad weather in the past weeks, I only had a few runs. I feel nervous.
I enjoyed the run; it was a great experience for me. There were enough hydration (even a choice of sports drink or water). The volunteer marshals were so energetic; some even greet you by name (The race bibs were personalized so they can see your name, if you put in a real nickname). The route, with some uphill climb, was challenging too. Due to some irrepairable technical problems on the side of the run's timing partner, the official results of the run won't be released. However, I was able to measure my time using the clock at the finish line and on the tracking app on my phone. It was less than one hour and fourty six minutes. Below is my 16k Finisher's medal:

After this run, I am thinking of having one or two more runs before the year ends.