June 27, 2011

May 2017 in a post

Another month has passed by and I haven't made a single update on this blog, not even an anniversary post. I have been too busy on various things so I am making this post summarizing what happened this May 2011.
I co-organized and attended Google I/O Extended Manila last May 10 at UP Department of Computer Science. I was also part of GTUG Philippines' first mapping party last May 21 at Redfox Innovative Technologies Center, 26 Dona Hemady Ave., Barangay Marianas, New Manila, Quezon City. It was for the benefit of the Philippine Red Cross and the community, in general. Other events this month includes watching Air Supply concert at Aliw Theatre (May 12), joining O&B's company outing at Liaya, Batangas (May 14-15), and attending the meetup of Groovy/Grails Users Group at the O&B office (May 18).
On the second week of the month, I also started some personal goals: read a bible verse a day (I managed to do this except on May 29), stop drinking softdrinks (successful so far), and go to church to attend mass once a month. (I went to church twice this May.) Last May 25, I went to the Manila Chapter office of the Philippine Red Cross to apply for Platinum membership.
June will also be a busy month for me. I'll be registering for Takbo.ph's RunFest 2011 on July 24. I need to practice and train on this starting this month.

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