June 30, 2013

Indonesia Adventure

We were at Indonesia last week for the SEARCH Summit 2013. Most of the time we just stayed at Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, the venue of the summit and the hotel where we are also staying. It was a great hotel and we had a good time there.

On the afternoon on the last day of the summit, the GDG SEA leads with Chelle, Uttam and Van went to Borobodur Temple. Borobodur Temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a long trip and we arrived at least an hour before closing. There were a lot of people (mostly tourists) climbing the stairs and taking pictures. It was good that we were there during sunset because it is no longer that hot.

Photo from Celine

After the long trip, we went back to the hotel and had a few minutes rest. We then went to Ikan Bakar Jimbaran for our Balinese dinner. We have banana leaves as plates and we ate with our hands.

Photo from Josan

The next day is our time to see the rest of Yogyakarta. It was great that Reymart have friends nearby, Bella and Titis, who not only gave us a tour but also drove us around. Our first stop is Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). Bella and Titis are still students there. They had this sunday morning market where you can find lots of different stuff. They also have a mosque inside the campus.

Photo from Josan

Next, we went to Taman Sari Water Palace which used to be the residence of the Sultan. There were pools which was said to be where the palace chooses his girls. We looked around inside the changing rooms inside. We stopped to buy refreshments then walked to Masjid Bawah Tanah underground temple. We then had late lunch at House of Raminten. We were seating on the floor and had tried different Indonesian food that were not available in Hyatt. The food there tastes good and affordable too.

Photo from Keshan

Our last stop was Malioboro. It is a shopping street in Yogyakarta. There are a lot of stores there. We then went back to the hotel afterwards.

This was also my first time to be in Indonesia and it was great to be in Yogyakarta. I am hoping I can be back there and also other places in Indonesia too.

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