June 2, 2020

Kotlin Heroes 4

Kotlin Heroes is a programming competition from JetBrains (creator of Kotlin) and CodeForces. The challenge is to use Kotlin in solving as many problems in two and a half hours.

Kotlin Heroes: Episode 4 was on May 29. I have seen the past editions before but I did not participate yet. This time though, I decided to register just to try it and to learn more. There's a prize for the Top 3 ($512, $256, and $128) and T-shirts for the Top 50 participants. I know it's hard for me to win. My goal is to finish half of the problems. I have done the 5 problems of Practice 4 but it took me a lot of hours to solve them. Also, the ones in the Practice Rounds are easier. 

On the day itself, I woke up earlier than usual and prepared the laptop and pieces of paper. I was only able to successfully solve 2 of the 9 problems. My solution to the third problem was not yet good and I ran out of time. It was still a good experience for me. Hopefully, I can do more next time.

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