May 18, 2020

Jomar at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things. No more haircuts, no more dental appointments, no mass, no more weekend events, no dine-ins, no movies at cinemas, physical/social distancing... life is different now.


Celine and I were fortunate our employers weren't affected much and we can continue working from home. I was usually at home once a week but the additional four days were different.


One of my plans for 2020 is to run at least 10 kilometers once a month, like what I did from April to December last year.  I was able to run six times in the first quarter before the declaration of state of emergency. In April and May, I only did one runs each. Hopefully by June, I can do more. 

I was supposed to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run but the organizers cancelled the event. 


During the early days of our stay at home, I was doing nothing. I am watching random YouTube videos, reading news, various articles and blog posts, and wasting time on social media. Doing nothing is tiring!

Just for Laughs

Some of the stuff I was watching were clips from Just for Laughs. One day, I discovered the official Channel and watched videos from there instead. I saw there is a playlist of the best gags and made it a goal to watch all of them. After accomplishing that, I became motivated to go back to development of my personal apps and projects.

If you're interested, here is the playlist I watched:

This only includes the first 200. To see more, check the playlist


I've been keeping myself updated with what's new in Android app development, especially Android 11. I am reading up, watching videos, and taking courses on Android and Kotlin. Recently, I am on's Kotlin Programming Language course.

I also made some updates to the Tigcal Apps, Tigcal Utils, and my other Android apps.

Sweldong Pinoy

I made small changes in Sweldong Pinoy, Budget Pinoy, and Thirteenth Month. One is the Share button on web versions of the app. It's a minor task but I procrastinated on it for a while now. I have started coding for upcoming features.


In January and February, I am writing for the project which began late last year. After initial submission, I haven't written anything new at all. Now, I am back again! I created a post on Medium and made this blog post. I am on my way to finishing another tech article.

Other Projects

As I spent time on my Android apps, I suddenly found some time for my Chrome Extensions, Assistant Apps, and other projects.

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