December 31, 2017

Seven Highlights of 2017

Another year will be ending soon. Once again, it's now time for another year-ender blog post. Looking back on what happened this year, there were some postive and negative things, small and big changes, and more. I have compiled the 7 highlights of 2017 into this post.

One Run

Despite the busy schedule, I was able to run in at least one run this year: 7-Eleven Run 2017. This was my third time to run in 7-Eleven Run. I was in the 16k category again. The official results are 02:15:29 (Gun Time) and 02:14:09 (Chip Time). Runtastic says I ran 16.04 km in 2:14:44.

Android Talks and Workshops

I was part of Google I/O 2017 Extended Roadshow, a series of talks and workshops to help professional and student developers deep dive in the new technologies announced. We visited Rizal, Manila, Laguna, Palawan, and Naga this year. I talked about Android Updates and conducted Android Basics workshop.

I also did some Android talks this year in PLM (March 2), STI College Novaliches (March 15), and UE-Manila (September 18). I also helped out in the Palawan Android Study Jams (April 11-12).

Budget Pinoy

Sweldong Pinoy turned five this year! We have announced a new app that we're working on: Budget Pinoy. Budget Pinoy is a tool for Filipinos in computing gross and net pay based on user's budget. You can try the app at

Budget Penny and GDGPH Google Assistant Apps

I have started developing apps for Google Assistant and published two apps already: Budget Penny and GDG Philippines. Budget Penny is your budget assistant that's ready to help in managing your finances. Through the Google Assistant app for the Google Developer Group (GDG) Philippines, you can ask it about the upcoming events and more information about GDG Philippines.

Tigcal Utilities and You and Me

Earlier this year, my mother switched to a smartphone and I made an app for her. The app, Tigcal Utilities, includes three utility mini-apps: Battery, Bill Calculator, and Flashlight. The Battery app opens the Battery Usage Settings while Flashlight app allows the user to turn on and off the flashlight. Bill Calculator is an app that allows users to split the electric bill based on total kWH used.

I also made an app for Celine. Development for it started last year and I was only able to finish it now. It is a simple app for you and your and your special someone. I published it under Closed Alpha Testing on Google Play Store because there's still more to be done for it to be useful to other couples. I'm hoping I can work on it and release it soon.

Celine in Manila

After almost two years, Celine went back to Manila for a week last June. She met her friends during lunch and dinner. Celine and I also went to our home to visit my family. We were also able to go to a beach when we went with friends to Batangas to celebrate Mama Chelle's birthday.


I started the year in Canada and now I'm ending it here too.

I'm looking forward to 2018! There are a lot of things to be done but it will be a really exciting year.

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