December 31, 2016

2016 in Numbers

At the end of each year or at the start of the new year, I have traditionally published year-ender blog posts to look back on the past twelve months of my life. As I reflect on how 2016 has been for me, I was reminded that not much happened this year. There were some gains but there were more losses. It would be hard for me to enumerate the top things that happened or to summarize the highlights for the year so I would just list down some of the relevant numbers.

3 runs (two 16k runs and a 10k run)
1 Chrome Extension (Android Gradle Extension)

0 new Android Apps published (though I'm stil working on at least two apps)
2 Android Study Jams facilitated in 2 Schools
1 Android App Development Competition Judged (STI App and Running 2016)
8 Android Workshops
9 Android Talks

1 local event attended (PWA Roadshow Manila)
1 international event attended (Google I/O 2016)
4 new local places (Palawan, Bohol, Dipolog, Dapitan) visited for the first time
5: Fifth US State (Washington) when we visited Seattle

I am praying 2017 will be a lot better than 2016. I'll do my best to do more stuff and accomplish more.

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