April 7, 2016

Android Gradle Extension

Have you tried browsing the Android reference pages and tried to use classes only to find out you would need to add some lines to your Gradle dependencies? Sometimes, I do; that's why I developed a Chrome Extension for this.

Android Gradle Extension is a Google Chrome extension that adds Gradle dependency to use for Android API class reference pages. Users can then copy the Gradle dependency text and use it in their codes. There is also a button to copy the text to the clipboard automatically.

Android Gradle Extension

Android Gradle Extension works on class references at developer.android.com. In the future, I'll add reference pages for Google APIs for Android. If you are an Android developer, this Chrome Extension might be useful to you. You can download it now on Chrome Web Store. There might still be some bugs though in the extension. If you find one, please let me know so I can fix it.

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