October 6, 2013

Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013

Google recently launched the Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013. Google Cloud Developer Challenge (GCDC) is a "contest designed to motivate and reward entrants who develop applications that are based on Google's Cloud Platform that are original and relevant to the region in which they live."

GDG Philippines is also organizing a series of workshops called GCDC Workshop Wednesdays this month. These includes Google App Engine (October 2), Usability/Accessibility (October 9), and YouTube API (October 23). For more details about these events, check the blog post and add GDG Philippines in your Google+ circles.

Aside from events like these from Google Developer Groups and other communities, the organizers are also conducting various hangout sessions. The playlist of these videos and recorded Hangout sessions can be found here.

Submissions for the first round will start on October 22 and will end on November 21. For more details about the rules, prizes and updates about GCDC, check www.google.com/events/gcdc2013

Two of the winners last year are from the Philippines: Collabspot Notetaker and Events KIT. It would be great if for this year, both winners will be from the Philippines. I'm also hoping I can submit at least an entry to join the competition.

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