April 10, 2013

Boto Ko Android App

Want to keep a note of the candidates you'll vote this May 13 for the 2013 National and Local Elections in the Philippines? Are you putting your list in paper and keeps erasing names on it as you change your preference? This Android app is for you! With Boto Ko (Boto 'ko or My Vote in English), you can list the candidates you want to vote and update the list anytime you want. Also, you can share your list anytime with ease via SMS, email and many more.

The list of candidates for senators and party-lists were taken from the COMELEC website. The names of the senators are based from the "NAMES TO APPEAR on the BALLOT" in the official list from the COMELEC website.

Disclaimer: This app was done independently by its developer. The color scheme used in the app does not represent any candidate or political party. The names in the screenshots on the Google Play page only show the first candidates in the list and does not mean they are the developer's preferred candidate. Also, this app will only record the candidates you selected in your device.

Download the app from Google Play now!

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