March 27, 2013

Android Developers Live

Google Developers Live (GDL) is the site for developers to learn about Google platforms, including Android, Chrome, Cloud, Maps, YouTube, by watching videos of live presentations, office hours, forums and other similar contents. Developers may opt to watch past videos or participate live in the discussions with Google engineers and product experts.

For Android, the Android Developers Live can be found in their or in the Android Developers Youtube Channel. They even sort the videos into different categories, like The App Clinic, This Week in Android Development, Android Design in Action. These categories have their own playlists too. Here are some of these playlists:

This Week in Android Development: Every week, Reto Meier gives you a quick update on what's going on in the world of Android Development.

The App Clinic: Catch Reto Meier and Ian Ni-Lewis as they take a look at the technology behind what makes a great Android app. Each week they'll dissect apps nominated and voted on by viewers, offering some advice and sharing some of the technical secrets behind what makes them tick.

DevBytes - DevBytes are short videos on various topics for Android development

For more playlists, visit the Android Developers Youtube Channel at

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