October 22, 2022

Half Marathon at Great Trek 2022

After my first half marathon at BMO Vancouver Marathon 2022, I was looking for another run for the year. I was originally looking for only 10k but then I found out that the Great Trek will have its 100th anniversary. Since I ran in the Vancouver Marathon's 50th, I decided to run another half marathon instead in the Great Trek.

Great Treak (formerly The Fall Classic) pays homage to the Great Trek of 1922 in the University of British Columbia. It is a jaunt through Musqueam Territory.

Great Trek was was my first run in the UBC Campus.I woke up early on October 22 to go there for the event. It wasn't raining (the day before and the next few days have rain in the forecasts) but it's still a little cold. The first few kilometers of the run was fine but I started feeling tired after the 16th/17th kilometer so I was mostly walking. Near the finish line, however, I did find some more strength to run towards it.

I finished the 21.1 km run in 2:27:25 (21.59 km in 2:27:30 on Strava). It was a few seconds slower than my finish at the Vancouver Marathon last May but I was a bit surprised because I thought it would take me longer.

Overall, Great Trek 2022 was a good experience for me. I am not sure though if I can do it again soon. October is a little too cold for me and the chance of rain is high.

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