May 8, 2021

Virtual Half Marathon at Vancouver Marathon 2021

Running a half marathon has always been one of my long-term goals. The longest distance I had run is 16k but that was ages ago and I haven't been able to run for a long time.

My plan is to do the half marathon at the Vancouver Marathon this year: my first 21k on 2021. Due to the pandemic, all running events are still virtual. Participants can run anytime in the month of May. I registered early and decided to do my run on the second day while the weather is good. It was very tiring but I finished my first (virtual) half marathon run in 2:45:26.

For the run, my route is the Vancouver Seawall (from Granville Island to Stanley Park and back). I also got to wear the Brooks Sherpa Visor which I ordered for use during sunny day runs.

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Vancouver Marathon. Hopefully, the event will be back to normal and I can run my first non-virtual half marathon by then.

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