July 20, 2016


A few days ago, I published an update to PHostpaid, a utility app for postpaid mobile phone services in the Philippines (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular).

PHostpaid is one of the first Android apps that I have developed. I started developing it back in 2011. That time, I just bought a Nexus S, and had a new Globe postpaid plan. Nexus devices do not (yet) have a SIM tookit and Globe does not have an app for it. To check my balance and unbilled charges, I have to always text some keywords to a number. It was annoying for me so I decided to build a simple app for myself. I was also thinking of an actual app to build that time.

A few days after developing and using the app for personal use, I decided to publish the app on Google Play Store. Before publishing, I wanted to add the other mobile operators in the Philippines (Smart, Sun) offering postpaid mobile services. I had to do extensive research (including asking existing subscribers from these telcos) to be able to update the app.

I was never that good in choosing titles for my articles so I was not sure how to name the new app. The name I chose was just "Postpaid" and I just changed the first letter P to PH (for Philippines ).

In the next few months, I had published a few updates to the app. The last update I had was in the third quarter of 2014. I decided to update the app now with the Material Design toolbar and handling Marshmallow permissions.

If you want to try the PHostpaid app, download it now on Google Play Store.

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