May 21, 2016

Korea Transit Tour

I had a quite long layover (around 12 hours!) at South Korea before my flight to SFO. I arrived at around five in the morning at Incheon International Airport and decided to join a Transit Tour. These transit tours are for people with long layovers. Tours are free and don't require you to have a Korean VISA.

The transit tours range from an hour to 5 hours. I chose the 2-hour Incheon Temple tour because I have already visited some of the other destinations in the other tours. Also, I still want to explore the airport after the tour and before my boarding time.

The Incheon Temple tour includes visit to Heungryunsa Temple and Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation. I chose the 9-11 morning tour so I can have lunch and airport tour afterwards.

Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation

More photos are available in this Google Photos album. Joining the Transit Tour has been a great experience. If you have a long stopover in South Korea, I highly recommend you try one of their tours.

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