February 5, 2013

Condura Skyway Marathon 2013

Last February 3, I joined the thousands of runners who participated in the Condura Skyway Marathon. I ran in the 10k and finished it in 1:17:41 (based from the official results).

It was a great experience to run in the Skyway. I have been looking forward to run there. The event was well-organized. However, I did notice some things:
  • The waves is a bit confusing and not everyone followed what's on their bibs. I think the waves should not be based on your time of registration. Maybe, runners should choose what wave they want during registration or even during the run.
  • In the online registration page, it was mentioned that there will be a banana for all. During the run, I saw none. I wonder what happened or if .
  • Before the start, we were reminded that slow runners should be at the right side of the road to give way to faster runners. However, during the run, there were a lot who run slow or walk in the middle or at the left. I don't know if they don't know what right is or they were so excited to run they did not or wasn't able to listen to the last-minute reminders.
  • The redemption booth for medals was so far from the entrance to the village and you have to go through all those people and long queues to get there. Not everyone is interested in these booths; there are some who just gets their medals and leave.
  • Don't you just hate those staff who write something on your bib? I hate even small things they write to mark for something, like claiming of this or that. Those in the baggage counter of the Skyway Marathon just put a big note on the space provided for your running advocacy ("I'm running for ____") 
  • There were a few trash bins on the Skyway and even in the village. As a result, some are just throwing their garbage anywhere they want.

The 10k finishers medal

I am hoping I can run in the next events of Condura Skyway Marathon and hopefully, I can run 21k soon.

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