March 7, 2012

Run United 1 2012

To achieve my goal of running the three legs of Runrio Trilogy this year, I registered for Run United 1 which was held last March 4 at SM Mall of Asia. I chose to run in the 10k category.

Run United 1 2012 is my first Runrio-organized run. There were enough hydration although the staff in the stations are overwhelmed by the number of runners. There were even some who fills up their own cups to have their drinks. There were trash bins but there are still a lot of plastic cups thrown on the road. This might be because the trash bins were too near the hydration stations when some of the runners drink their waters a few steps away. There were also some stations that gave away bananas but this also meant more banana peelings on the route which is dangerous for some runners.

Overall, the experience was great. I finished my run in about 1:14:28 (based from the timer in the finish line). I am looking forward to Run United 2 and 3. Hopefully, I will beat my own time in the next runs.

Update: Based from the official results, I finished the run in 01:10:35 (Chip Time) and 01:14:37 (Gun Time). The race analysis is also available here.

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