November 26, 2010

Projects and projects

I have been wanting to start a great project but I have no idea yet. So, the projects I have been doing now are those that I do while studying and learning. As of now, I have two personal projects.

The first project I did was Post This, a Facebook that allows users to post status updates. For now, it can post updates in Facebook and tweets in Twitter. I am planning to do integrations in Google Buzz, Plurk and on others as well. I have been unable to continue coding on it but just recently, after fixing a bug and refactoring the code, I decided to continue development on it.

I also started CvSEA (CvSU Student Election App). It is an open source app for student elections in CvSU (Cavite State University). It is based from Halalan, the open source voting system being developed and maintained by the UP Linux Users' Group (UnPLUG). I have started the development on the project while the talk with CvSU Naic Campus is still being done. The project is also hosted in Google Code.

I am still thinking of an idea for an app or a project that will allow me to learn while developing it. Participating and contributing to an open source project sounds nice too.

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