October 22, 2010

Google Technologies I'm using

Aside from the search engine itself, Google has a wide array of products, services and technologies which are unknown to some people. However, these are easy to use, efficient, and free. Here are the Google technologies I am using and have used:

Being used always Being used sometimes Have tried using
Google (web search, image search)
Google App Engine (for Java)
Google Apps
Google Buzz
Google Calendar
Google Chrome
Google Docs
Google Groups
Google Maps
Google Reader
Google Talk
Google Code
Google MapMaker
Google Translate
Android (SDK)
Google Blog Search
Google Charts
Google Friend Connect
Google Gadgets
Google News
Google Realtime
Google Sites
Google Trends
Google Wave
Google Web Elements
Google Web Toolkit

I'm quite sure this list remains incomplete. Also, there are still a lot of Google Technologies I'll be using soon. And Google might release new products or technologies in the coming days.

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