June 24, 2010

A year on Twitter

It has already been a year after I started using Twitter. I signed up for my account on June 22, 2009.

I have been using Twitter almost daily to tweet and read other's tweets. I have been following friends, officemates, IT professionals and open-source projects and individuals. It has been my source of real-time information, news, and even jokes.

Usually, I use twitter.com but I have also used other ways to connect to Twitter. Twitter is one of the few sites I browse using my mobile phone. Sometimes before, I have also tried using Ping.FM and gladlyCast to tweet. I have used the auto-post-to-Twitter feature of Plurk. There are a lot of other apps built on the Twitter platform and famous Twitter clients. I have used and tried a few Twitter apps but I still haven't used third-party Twitter clients yet.

What I just don't like about Twitter is the frequent fail whales.

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