December 9, 2009

Deployed PRESS

Last November 28, 2009, I was able to finally deploy version 1.0 of PRESS (Payment Records System for SPF). It is a simple Java-based records management app I made for the student publication of my Alma Mater. I had finished developing it almost two months ago but time did'nt had the time to deploy it then.

During the deployment, I had discussed the basics of the application and demonstrated how to use the application. The app itself is so simple and easy to use.

The first version of PRESS has only basic capabilities. It allows adding, searching and updating of payment records, aside from adding courses and changing passwords. The next feature that needs to be worked on is the addition of a reports feature that will allow the user to have printable copies of the records.

As of now, I am yet to start on it. I am hoping I can do it before the year ends (probably during the Christmas break...)

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