September 13, 2009

PRESS release

As an associate editor of our campus publication and a senior BS Computer Science student last school year, I promised the staff members of our student publication that I will make a simple software application for them after my graduation. I decided to develop a simple one that will aid them in adding, searching and updating records of SPF payments.

As a software developer engaged in the Java language, I made the program using J2SE (Java Standard Edition) and the javax.swing package. For its database, I chose MySQL 5.0. I gave the project a code PRESS (Payment Records System for SPF).

I coordinated with Abigail Ribleza, the managing editor then of the publication to finalize the specifications of the program. The actual designing and coding started May 1, 2009. If I have ample time at home and I don't feel too tired and stressed out, I spend my time coding and planning for PRESS. After a long time, I finished the program and started testing it.

The developed application had not only fulfilled the approved specifications, I had also added in it some of my future recommendations and included some new features. It will be installed in the computer of the student publication soon. I will personally install the application and the database and train some would-be users on its proper use and maintenance.

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